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Every shelf, vote, and giveaway entry you make on Goodreads goes a looong way toward helping Devil of Dublin get seen by potential new readers. Here are some easy ways you can help:  

1. Follow me on Goodreads. 


2. Enter my GIVEAWAY.


3. Click HERE to add Devil of Dublin to your READ, READING, or WANT TO READ SHELF. 


4. Add Devil of Dublin to the following shelves as well. (Go to your My Books tab and find the button that says ADD SHELF or CREATE A NEW TAG OR SHELF. Then create a shelf for each of the following terms. Once you're done, add Devil of Dublin to each shelf.) 

Irish Mob

Mafia Romance

Dark Romance

Dark mafia romance

Dark trigger warning

Assassin Hitman Romance

Hitman Assassin Hero

Childhood friends to lovers

Stuttering or Mute Hero

Broken bad boys

Bad boy romance

Anti hero

Dark anti hero

Damaged hero

Broken Hero

Abused Hero

Emotionally scarred hero

Romance Tortured Hero

Irish Romance

5. Vote for Devil of Dublin on the following lists (can only be done on a computer): 

(PRO TIP - Instead of searching through each list to find the book, it is faster to click the ADD BOOKS TO THIS LIST tab at the top and select Devil of Dublin from your bookshelf.)

Dark Romances

Best Mafia/Mob Romance Books


Best Mob/Mafia Novels

Best Mafia Romance

Dangerous Bad Boys We Love


So You Love a Bad Boy or Tortured Hero

Best Abused or Traumatized Romance Heroes

Deaf Mute Speechless Heroes and Heroines

Irish Heroes and Heroines in Contemporary Romance

Romance in Ireland and/or Irish Heroes and Heroines


Romance Audiobooks with the Sexiest Narrators on the Planet

You and I (Us) Against the World

Kindle Unlimited Romance Favorites


Thank you so, so much for your help!

If you completed this entire list, please email BB so she can show you some love. 

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