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Orignally published in the Cocktales romance anthology, BB Easton's short story, Two Boys, One Prom, is a spin-off from the 44 Chapters About 4 Men world. It is based on the true story of how BB took two of her ex-boyfriends, Knight and Harley—sworn mortal enemies—to the same high school dance and lived to tell the tale. 

*You can download Two Boys, One Prom for FREE or grab the adorably tiny paperback for your BB shelf. It has never been sold in stores, so this is a fun little gem for all you rare book collectors. 

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Originally published in the A Year of Love romance anthology, BB Easton's short story, Operation: Mile High Club, is a spin-off from her bestselling memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men. In it, BB tells the true story of how she might (or might not) have convinced her straight-laced, accountant husband Ken to help her join the exclusive ranks of the Mile High Club on a child-free trip to Rome.


In true BB style, Operation: Mile High Club is equal parts sexy and hilariously self-deprecating, and you can get it for FREE at the link below! 



The Bookworm Box is proud to present ONE MORE STEP, an exciting and unique reading experience.

Twenty-six bestselling romance authors were given the same first sentence. Where they took that first sentence was completely up to them.

Every story is different. No story is related. The only thing these stories have in common is their starting point.

One-hundred percent of the profits from this anthology will be donated to the various charities The Bookworm Box supports.

The following authors contributed to this anthology:
A.L. Jackson, Aleatha Romig, Amy Daws, BB Easton, Cathlin Shahriary, Colleen Hoover, Debra Anastasia, Devney Perry, Emma Scott, Evan Grace, Gianna Gabriela, Ginger Scott, Jaci Wheeler, J.B. Salsbury, Jessica Sorensen, Julie Solano, Tracy Justice, K.F. Breene, K.L. Grayson, S.M. Soto, Lilly Wilde, L.K. Farlow, M. Lynn, Santana Blair, Tijan, T.K. Rapp

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