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The following sensitive subject matter is depicted on page:


Emotional/verbal abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, attempted rape, child abuse perpetrated by a priest, a funeral, a cemetery, murder, blood, strangulation, stabbing, gun violence, violence against police officers, car chases, car accidents, occult, organized crime, post traumatic stress disorder, selective mutism, homophobia, religion, the Catholic Church, spirits/ghosts, self-harm, near drowning, profanity, graphic violence, and graphic sex.


The following sensitive subjects are discussed or reflected upon by the characters:

Child abandonment, child neglect, child sexual abuse, bullying, addiction, historical tensions between the Irish and the British, Harry Potter, a house fire, teen pregnancy, childbirth, forced adoption, abuse by nuns, Catholic Mother and Baby institutions, incest, pedophilia, cancer/terminal illness, the death of a parent, the death of a grandparent, and the death of a sheep. 

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